I made a post last week regarding a Spectra board which I had sent to for unlocking and had not been returned.

Bob Campbell, from Home Security Metal Products in Ottawa, contacted me and was kind enough to replace the board from his own stock of spare equipment. He has sent the board (along with a tracking number) and even offered his experience in assisting with its installation. AND HE DID THIS ALL AT NO CHARGE!

I am lucky that there are people like Mr Campbell who are so generous and willing to help. I am a complete stranger and he has gone completely out of his way to help me get my system back up and running. THANK YOU BOB CAMPBELL!

If anyone is considering any of Mr Campbell's alarm services, I could not recommend a more trustworthy or genuine individual.

Thanks again,


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Bob is an heir to the Campbell Soup fortune. He can afford to be magnanimous. Watch out. He is up to something I am sure. Canadians can't be trusted.

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Just Looking


Campbell Soup eh?

I wonder if he's addicted to bean soup.

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Turkey Noodle.

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Bob is a Saint

Besides up there in the frozen tundra they give away those Spectra boards for firewood.

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Crash Gordon

With all those long winded posts, he may very well be.

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