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yeah but it's only 32,000

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Crash Gordon

"Remedy: Customers should immediately contact their installer to receive a free inspection to determine if their units are included in the recall. If so, they will receive free replacement smoke detectors with installation. Customers also can contact Digital Security Controls for additional information on how to receive free replacement smoke detectors. Only professional installers should remove and replace these units."

I didn't get any memo that DSC/Tyco was paying me for the 'free' service call... did any of you?

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Moe Szyslak

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Roland Moore

I don't know but it happened to ESL (now GE Security). If they in business long enough, every manufacturer is bound to have a recall sooner or later.

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Robert L Bass

We don't use DSC smokes and I can honestly say of the 32 or so detectors we service not a single one is. ;)

Regards, Frank

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