Silent Knight 5540 Software

Anyone out there still have a copy of the 5540 DOS software used to download Regency panels? I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not even Silent Knight has it, and I can't really contact ITI for obvious reasons. Yes I am aware a special modem is required for it to work.

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I did find this conversation from 2005.

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I sincerely doubt that Robert L Bass will be responding!!

Honestly, what would be the value of such old software today?? The equipment is "OLD" and needs to be upgraded!!

Oh, I should mention that I do not have a copy.

Good luck!!


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I have the 5541 software if that's the same thing

Robert said over my Quija board that he doesn't have it

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All things being normal - - - I think he has it but he's just trying to bring up the price so he can sell it to an end user.

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Jim Davis

Yeah I've seen that conversation, don't think he would have 17 years later either. I'm just hoping that someone somewhere still has a copy, helping a friend out with a panel. The 5541 software is similar, but that was only for their archaic fire panels and communicators, like the 5207. I think even though these are old panels its still worth archiving the software for them.

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You gotta know how this will play out. The same way it always does. You put in the effort and time to get what they want then shortly thereafter they change everything out anyway.

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