Setup for Ademco Vista 20P and 4286 VIP module

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Does anyone know what has to be done as far as programming the VISTA 20P control panel for the Ademco 4286 VIP voice module? It says I have to set up a phone code using device programming and that it is hardwired to address 4 but thats about it. What the heck is device programming? Do I go into zone programming mode, select zone 4? If so what codes do I put in?

I am also somewhat confused about the wiring. My understanding of phone wiring is that the red/green wires are for line 1 and the yellow and black are for power to phones that need it but can be used for a second line instead. The docs for the VIP talk about gray and brown lines from a RJ31X going to terminals 3 and 4 on the VIP terminal strip connector. What for? Do I really need this RJ31X?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank You, Bob

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Address 4 and zone 4 are completely different things.

Program field 28 sets your voice module access code such as 1*(1 then #11).

Once that is done, you install the VIP then after everything is powered back up and running smoothly you pick up a handset on one of the house phones, dial in your access code and program the VIP using the manual that came with it.

The RJ31X makes the lines seizure of the panel possible. Without it, if your panel malfunctions there would be no easy way to get your phone line back. So... yes, you do really need it.

If your panel is simply wired to the phone circuit in parallel (like a phone) then a crook could just kick in your delay door and take a phone off the hook to prevent the alarm from dialing out. You need to ensure you are wired properly. If the line running to your panel has red/gree/black/yellow, then the balck and yellow are (or should be) the return line from your panel out to the house phones.

PS: If it isn't wired properly then you won't be able to program the VIP since programming has to come from the house phones side of the wiring.

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Hello Joe,

That cleared up my questions. Thank You, Bob

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