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I installed the 4 cameras and the DVR. They're working fine. Now I'm trying to get it to come up on the computer so we can see the business remotely over the net. I ran the Cat5 cable and connected it to the D-Link DL624 router. From the DVR, I pulled the IP address and port that the router assigned it per the instructions. I set it to port 08000. Then I set up the router to forward port 8000. I set a static IP for the DVR in the router. It was able to clone the MAC number from the DVR. Looks like I did everything right. But no connection. I have the software installed on the computer. I set it to port 8000 with the same IP number as the DVR and click connect, but it just sits there and never connects. I can open a command window and ping the DVR and it answers me. But no picture. The computer is a late-model HP running Vista home premium. It's connected to the internet thru the router and a Motorola Surfboard cable modem. I have tried 2 versions of the Integrated Remote Station software, set both up according to instructions but nothing. WHAT AM I MISSING? This thing SHOULD work.

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Injun Ear
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Are you trying to access the video over the LAN or the Internet?

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G. Morgan
  1. You have to connect to the public IP of the remote router, not the DVR 's private IP. (If you are connecting thru WAN)

  1. What was the cloning about ? It is not necessary.

So far so good.

Then I set up the router

Forward Port 8000 to where ?

I set a static IP for the DVR in the router. It

No need to clone anything. Are you saying that you set the internal DVR's IP to a static external IP, and cloned the MAC of the DVR to the router's external MAC ? Not likely, cos if you have done that, your WAN would quit.

Looks like I did

Connect to the public IP of the remote router if you are connecting from WAN.

I can

If you are connecting from LAN, it should work with the private IP. Is the DVR configured to the same subnet and gateway as the rest of the computers on the LAN ?

BTW, this should be a 5 minutes job.

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