Security Camera Woes on an Apple Mac

I've inherited a cracking security camera. It outputs video on a composite port. No problem I thought, I'll buy a video capture/ TV card that accepts "Composite In" and display the video in Evocam (A webcam app). I want the ability to upload images to a web server and maybe email alerts too, and Evocam does that. Purchase an Eskape Labs USB Video capture card and all will be good. Wrong!!! The Esakape Labs product was the flakiest, most crash prone thing I've ever used. (And I'm a switcher from Windows!!!)

OK, Plan B. Purchased an Elgato EyeTV EX TV card. It looked a far more professional piece of kit compared to the Eskape Labs thing. The box arrived today and it looks great, but it doesn't work with Evocam! It works great with it's own software, but it doesn't appear to be a "Video Input" device as far as Evocam is concerned. Bloody hell!

Does anyone have a solution? I'd really like to be able to use this camera with

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Gareth Slee
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