IP camera not viewable on Mac with Internet Explorer

The problem may be the age of IE 4.2 (see the About menu). Apparently Microsoft has not supported IE:Mac in recent years.

Seems like you will have better luck in the end with Firefox or Safari.

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Phil Wheeler
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Internet Explorer 5.2 Mac Os X.4.1. ActiveX, java and scripts are installed and enabled.

But I don't get the image of the camera with ActiveX interface.

I only get a (small) image restricted to only 1 camera with Java ( simple interface).

Also no activeX image with Safari, Firefox.

On PC, with Internet Explorer 6, no problems.

Solution ?

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Hubert Van Bel

Active X is a MS thing but it is not supported on the MAC, IE5 is no longer supported by MS. Click on the demo link in my sig those use Active X try it and see if it works on your Mac.

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ActiveX is IE only I believe.

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Crash Gordon®

If you can get a single image from the cam just using a url, then you can possibly use a java script pull setup to get somewhat streaming video from the cam. Check the link below to see how I do it.

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Si Ballenger

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