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I need to be able to lock down the switches (BPS 2000's) so that only known company owned computers can access the LAN. Would like to use MAC address, but I am unsure about the best solution. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jimmy

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At the early verison of BPS, you can use Security Table to allow MAC address pass through BPS 2000. After BoSS 3.6, you can use both Security Table and filters to limit IP and MAC address to pass through your switch. But, the latest version of BoSS of BPS 2000 is only 3.1.8. Therefore, Security Table is the best solution which bases on your switch.

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Why not restrict this via DHCP instead? No reservation, no IP address, no IP addres, no network access. That way the helpdesk manages this access, depending on the size of your network, that could be the best bet.

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