RS485, Video & DC over Cat5

I may be trying the impossible here.

I have often used cameras using Cat5 and a balan to carry the video and which also carries the DC for the camera using Power over Ethernet devices. I now need to drive PTZ (which I know little of at the moment). Since the DC takes 2 wires and the video takes 2 then that leaves 4 for RS485 for PTZ. Will this work? Does anyone know of any splitters/balans or whatever that will do this over Cat5? I'm in the UK.



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Jerry Spence1
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485 usually uses three wires- one for + one for - and one for the ground and until now i have used PTZ cameras ant Cat5e cable for distances about 40-50m and it has worked fine although a rg59 cable is much better for video transmission....


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