recommendations: infrared illuminators - 850nm - up to 100 feet

Yes, you're right.

Actually, I got good news from the oncologist. The new program I'm going into gives me a chance at beating the cancer.

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Robert L Bass
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I only have this to say about rlb

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Go right ahead.

Hahahahahaha!!!! You really have been absent for awhile. Jim ain't 'freinds' with anybody here.

You relocated while writing that message? Cool.

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G. Morgan

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You owe me a new monitor!

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G. Morgan



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Micky Savage

Yep, I'm fine. I start my chemo on Sep 4. The timing is perfect. I'll have just enough time to start feeling good again in time for my party on Sep 19. :^)

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Robert L Bass

RHC: Whew...that's a relief ! At least that puts me about 100 subcategories above where you usually function....

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Well, well, wellllllll! ............ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For someone who doesn't want to have anything to do with the "likes" of me (but the likes of Bass is Ok) You seem to hang on every word I say and can't resist making comment.

I guess, to you, it must be just like not being able to stop from rubbernecking at a highway accident. You know you shouldn't ..... but you do it anyway.

Oh ...... and don't flatter yourself. Others see you in a completely different light than you see yourself. You seem to think that you're some kind of breath of fresh air in a quagmire of shit. Actually, you're just a different color turd in the flow of things.

As for me, I'm exactly what I want you to see.

Here's a hint. It's all about your innocence and naievty. You're inexperience and lack of moral judgement. You fit exactly into the latter category of the old saying......There are three kind of people in the world. People who make things happen. People who watch things happen. And people who don't know what the f*ck happened.

Also, some people may be referred to as "has beens" You fall into the category of "never was or will be"

But, glad to see you're still trying to learn.

Stay tuned though. Things could get interesting. Depending upon how things go...... as his time grows short, Bass may finally realize how futile and obnoxious his conduct was for all these years and actually finally repent with an apology to everyone here. That would be a nice parting gesture that I'm sure that he is capable of doing, but the question is .... will he? Now all depends on whether he'll let his need for repentence overcome his arrogance .... is something we'll just have to wait and see.

Interested is starting up a pool?

Problem is .... I can't say what I really think he'll do ..... because whatever I say .... he'll do the opposite.

Hmmmmmm ..... So, I think he wont do it. :-)

I know it's needless to say .... but, there's no need for you to respond. You can keep pretending that you don't read my posts.

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Not bought direct from extreme (or derwent, or bosch or who ever owns them now!) but I do have a few derwent uniflood led illuminators, nice compact units, that really, really light up a large area.

I purchased them sec>>

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