Suggestions for Indoor wireless bridge 100 feet

I rented a small office (15x35) and warehouse (20x45). They are separated by about 100 feet of space which is occupied by 5 other small offices with walls made of sheetrock. Each location has 5 workstations and a switch. I want to connect them using a wireless bridge so they can do file sharing, printing, and share the broadband Internet connection. I want to survey the area first to make sure wireless will work. Would using a wireless access point and a laptop with a wireless card give me an accurate estimate of the kind of signal I would get with a wireless bridge? I am under the impression that bridges have a much greater range. I was considering the Cisco 1300 series because reliability is extremely important and I have seen Cisco WAP's successfully replace linksys in problem areas. I've also heard that their 1200 series AP's can work in bridge mode. So maybe that would be an option. Any suggestions on how to approach this would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not answering your question as asked, but instead offering an alternate solution to your problem.

Since there are obstacles between the two locations, how about going up the wall on the exterior of both locations and above the roof get line of site with your two antennas?

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That's a great idea but it wouldn't work for me because the roof is 20 floors up and I don't think building management would allow it anyway.


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