Radionics D5200 Replacement/Backup

I have a couple of questions for the group about the Radionics 5200 programmer. I am a programmer that is also interested in alarm/security hardware. As such I am looking for interesting projects to occupy my time. After recently purchasing a D5200 programmer, I was struck by the thought of emulating the programmer on a PC/laptop to avoid the hassle of using specialized, single purpose hardware when working on my alarm system. So, I would like to gather the thoughts from the group on the following questions:

Do you have a need to be able to transfer your D5200 handlers to/from your

5200 to your PC for backup purposes? Would you be interested in running your 5200 handlers ON your PC/laptop (i.e. replace your D5200)?

If there is interest, I may persue the project to emulate the D5200 on a PC computer. Upload and Download of handlers could be performed with a simple RS-232 cable at 19.2kb. Programming panels would require a small circuit board to provide the physical and interface between the laptop and the panel. Sharing/backing up handlers would be a simple as moving files on a PC.

Thanks for your constructive feedback.

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It is now Bosch. Bosch has several ways to do what you plan to already. It is called RPS version 5.2 and a DX4010i or DX4020. You might want to find another project to work on.

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What you propose is very interesting. It is true, there is the RPS (remote programming software) for the PC available from Radionics, but it is quite expensive, requires a hardware toggle, and (contrary to what some people say) it is not that easy to use, either, compared with the D5200.

What would be very useful, is a little program to store the product handlers on a PC and reload them into the D5200. Why?

  1. the memory capacity of the D5200 is very small, and one is quickly running out of memory when storing handlers and data.
  2. the D5200 memory "disks" require battery; if the programmer is not used for a while, all handlers and data may be lost.
  3. Download of product handlers from Radionics is extremely slow and requires a pulse dial phone line (that are increasingly replaced by tone dialing).

An RS232 interface for the D5200 is available from Radionics. It is the D9133 that is offered on eBay sometimes for as little as $ 20.- to 30.- The newer model DX4010V2 is available on the internet from dealers for about $ 80.-

Can you write a little program for storing and reloading the handlers on a PC using with an RS232 interface? That would be great.


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