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Out of the blue yesterday, my Power832 alarm system started beeping with the trouble light on. If I hit a key, the beeping stops for a little while, but starts again. This system is NOT monitored. It has worked fine for years without the beeping problem. *2 yields the "1" and "4" lights lit up. I don't think the "4" is relevant, since it's been on for years ever since I played with having the system call my cell in pager mode. The monitoring is now disabled (section 380, first light is off), however, I never bothered to clear the trouble light (I don't know how to get rid of it and the light never really bothered me until now).

Of course my hand is forced now, since I can't live with this beeping. I'd just disable the entire system until I figure this out, but my thermostat is driven by the system through an Escort add-in controller and it's very cold outside.

I believe the problem is with the Escort, or the thermostat, since whenever the beeping starts, the thermostat "reboots" (or something) and all X-10 lights in the house go off.

Advice needed urgently, thank you for any help at all. At a minimum, I need to know how to power down the system properly (maybe it's as simple as flipping the breaker and disconnecting the battery).


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After you press *2, the "zone 1" light indicates a "general service trouble" on the 832. You have to press "1" to enter the service trouble menu. The zone lights that illuminate correspond to the following trouble conditions

1 = system low battery 2 = bell circuit trouble 3 = general system trouble 4 = general system tamper 5 = general system supervisory 6 = not used 7 = PC5204 low battery 8 = PC5204 AC failure
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Frank Olson

Thanks. I get a "5". Again, as far as I know, the system is not supervised. In fact, I just checked again: section 380, light No. 1 is off. And this after I have successfully powered off the system. Hmmm...

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

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Do this:

  1. Go into installer level programming.
  2. Press 902, then wait one minute while the system polls the devices.
  3. Press # #

That should get rid of the general system supervisory.

Jim Rojas

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Jim Rojas

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