Please help me ?? Kidde software

Hi Dear , Please send me software for Kidde s.p.a.1018 control panel .If you have or tell me where I can find it. best regards Mohamed Almagory

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I think he's talking to you, Robert B.

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G. Morgan

Once again, Cracker displays his ignorance. "Dear" is the opening word of most letters, as in, "Dear Cracker." The gentleman is from Libya and for him English is a second language. Of course, that can also be said of our dear friend, Cracker.

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Robert L Bass

No shit???

How do you know that, Fat-Ass? If it's true-- then see my previous post circa 7/14/03 "we don't help terrorists".

If I wanted to hear an asshole talk --- I'd fart. Fuck You, Pinky.

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