Grandstream phone dead - help me please

Hello there

Did you have your budgetphone working again ???

I had the same problem and to and the solution was to down grade the firmware it seme's to me that the firmware is corrupt.

My English is not so good so difficult for me to explain but if you still really need help I will try to explain it to you.

Your phone are not totally dead so there is hoop. I did restore 1 budget phone and a adaptor from Grandstream this way.

If you need help just let me know



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I had inadvertently put a different password to access the web

configuration page. But now I forgot it and I am unable to access the

web configuration page.

Presently I am not able to use my phone with any of the services.

Anybody over there know a way change the password to the default


Thanks in advance.


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Only way I can think of is to reset the phone to factory defaults. This will erase *everything* and you will have to enter all your service and other info from scratch.

Last page of user manual give info on how to do this. See

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