Old Brinks panel and keypad

I'm hoping someone can identify a year for this system...

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...on this site it's mentioned the first keypad was used in the 80's and the second keypad was used in the 90's.

I'm curious as I have a takeover to do, obviously with a new panel and keypad at the very least, and haven't seen one of these systems (not a lot of Brinks panels around here). The panel looks nearly identical except it also includes a list of parts Brinks would want back in the event of time travel. The keypad he has is the 90's version as above, only much more yellowed and ready for a dumpster.

Just to add to the fun, apparently this system was also taken over by ADT at some point. Not sure how they re-programmed it???

- Chris

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You can't go by the keypad look. From the look of the panel can, it's a BHS-2000 series circa 1995-2001.

Obviously. You'll also want a siren, the old panels used speakers and a built-in siren driver.

Tell the customer to keep the panel and KP just in case Broadview asks. Chances are slim to none that they will, unless the Cx broke their contract.

I doubt that's true, ADT corporate would not do that.

An independant ADT "authorized dealer" I wouldn't put it past though. They probably had a programmer ripped off by a former emplyee, or they bought one on the 'underground' market.

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G. Morgan

Well I've taken over older... still borderline antique though.

Thanks, I'll be sure to check that and not be too surprised if it doesn't work.

I would assume it was a dealer takeover as it's a residential account. The other option is they just changed decals, told them to cancel with Brinks, started billing them for non-existant monitoring, and hoped the alarm never went off. Sadly, I've seen this done (not by ADT).

- Chris

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