need wise guy ideas for special recording

Not my field... at all.... but a few things quickly pop into mind.

  1. If my Judge Judy viewing experience is accurate, he would need pictures of the actual scratching in porgress as well as video of the person doing it.

In other words, pictures of someone walking near his car and then disappearing from view - would be of no use. Probably would even be detrimental, as it may cause your customer to jump to conclusions, get pissed, and go asssail the person, if it's someone he suspects is the culprit. Anyway, I can't think of anywhere *inside* a car you could mount a camera that would give you the angle required to catch someone scratching the sides.

  1. Supposing you could find an angle to mount the camera; wouldn't you need multiple cameras, to catch the multiple views a person could approach from?

With 1 and 2 in mind, I think cheap and reliable are ruled out; not to mention who knows what would happen to a CCD in a sealed car on a hot summer day. For this reason, I would guess that video tape is also ruled out, forcing you to go to some sort of digital storage solution.

I just don't think there is a practical way to do it, especially if cost is a factor.

Now, on the other hand - if the vandalism is occuring when the car is parked on or near his home - it would be easy and inexpensive to monitor the car 24x7x365, and have court admissable evidence.

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one of my customer ask me to record inside his car . He had a lot of bad stuff experience on his car's body . ( scratch with keys) he wanna catch the guy that does that . I have cameras that works on 12 vdc but for the recording , something cheap but reliable ???? could someone help me please .

email welcome to snipped-for-privacy@h-o-t-m-a-i-l-.c-o-m remove the -

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how about Crash usb trick to a laptop with mottion detection for recording and audio. everything powered off the car battery.

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Try this:

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Look at the MemoWave. Shoot Cameras at side mirrors.

Have fun.

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I sell Crow's MemoWave but I'm not certain it's the best choice for this project. Regardless where you get it, you should verify the recording unit's current draw with whatever number of cameras you plan to use before you purchase it. Otherwise you may come back to a dead battery.

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Robert L. Bass

I have a similar situation at my cottage. We have no power and it was just broken into.

My initial thought is an inexpensive digital still camera turned on and triggered by an Ocelot and SECU16. The whole works could be powered by

12vdc. I'd need a solar panel to keep a battery charged for weeks or (over the winter) months of coverage but in a car, I think it would run fine for over night or during the day in a parking lot.

I'd choose a camera that does date and time stamping and supports an expansion card to add 256mb of memory. That would allow for several hundred pictures at 3 megapixles and it stores them itself. The memory card could be removed to check the results without having to remove the camera from its mount.

A couple of PIR's connected to the SECU16 inputs could tell the Ocelot to power on the digital camera and then trigger the shutter as many times with as much delay as the program chooses.

The power on and shutter would be controlled by the SECU16 outputs connected in parallel with the camera' switches.

In my case, pointing the camera would be fairly easy be concealing it where it could see a whole room. In car, you'd have to pick an angle and hope for the best. It could be housed in a box or case that can be "placed" where you want to see.

You could also trigger the movie mode on the camera based on other criteria (like if the car moves?). The SEU16 provides 8 inputs and 8 outputs so you have a lot of flexibility.

The cost would be around $150 for the Ocelot, $80 for a SECU16, $50-$75 for a cheap/open box digital camera, $20 each for PIR's and another $20-$30 for a 256mb SD card.


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John W

OK, here's a wise guy idea. Put high voltage on the car; high voltage Dc low capacity loe current so no one gets hurt but anyone touching bare metal as scratching the paint off with a key gets zapped. The current pulse could set off a dozen cheap disposable cameras aimed in all directions, maybe wired to take a series of photos each.

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