No false alarms - Visonic DUET detector

For over a year I have had a Visonic DUET PIR/Microwave motion detector installed in my home. There have been no false alarms.

Just wanted to drop a note saying I am very happy with this product.

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Hi, Understandable,

I love the stuff.



Leeds U.K.

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Micky Savage

Yep...they are good.

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Crash Gordon

There are quite a variety of good quality pet motions on the market now at varying costs depending upon the technologies used. The main thing is to set them up properly so 1- no animal can get within 6 measured feet of the device (like a cat crawling on furniture just below the motion)....and 2- they never "look" directly at stairs (many are fooled by a cat or dog running quickly up the stairs).Situation 1 will overload the motion causing an alarm, and situation 2 will cause some types of motions to "see" the animal as a person (horizontal plane as opposed to vertical plane etc)

Only caution I would careful where your wife or significant other moves furniture in the future to be sure to avoid situation one.

I have thousands of pet motions in service and rarely have a problem related to pets unless something has changed since I originally installed the system.

R.H.Campbell Home Security Metal Products Ottawa, > Yep...they are good.

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One phenomenon I've noticed occasionally with the "pet" motion detectors is something that most people don't check for.

Not always but sometimes, you may think that the motion detector is set right because it doesn't pick up a pet on the floor in front of it. YET ..... if you RUN across the field of detection, the unit will not detect you either. There seems to be an area of adjustment that you can go beyond ..... and even though the unit seems to be working regarding the pets ..... the upper array isn't as sensitive either. I've only noticed it a few times and an adjustment of the board takes care of it. But, it might be worth everyone checking this out the next time you install a unit. Could be a common problem that no one has noticed. This is with the PIR units only that I've observed this. Not the dual tec's.

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