Oh, Canada

Fox news reports that the Canadian government feels that it may be necessary to arm their border guards.


Gonna take them 10 years to train 'em all. And they won't begin receiving their weapons 'til March, 2008.

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Sweet, I still have a year and a half to invade them.

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G. Morgan

The Canadian border guards wanted this 30 years ago, but the left leaning, gun hating Liberal government continued to hang on until internal corruption finally got them thrown out of office. Now with a more realistic Conservative government in power (albeit only JUST in power with a minority government), a little common sense can finally prevail.

PS: They also granted a one year amnesty to all those millions of long gun owners who refuse to register their rifles and shotguns. Hopefully, the Conservatives will get in with a majority government next election at which point we can finally throw out the long gun registry !

Cripes, there might actually be hope for this country yet......


alarman wrote:

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Everywhere Man

Why don't they just let people leave if they want to


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Doug L

Yah, but who wants to break into Canada?

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Crash Gordon


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Matt Ion

Good point. It's just not the same since Pam Anderson left...

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Frank Olson

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