New to Security - Have a few questions

Hello everyone,

I came here from a google search while trying to find some information and I am hoping that a few people here can assist me.

I own an I.T. Consulting business, where I do networking and other I.T. rel ated services for small businesses. I've ventured into surveillance system s, namely cameras, and have been looking into going further with the actual security systems.

Now, I do work for a big company that is primarily DMP but I know that they are not satisfied with the dealer(s) in the area, or the call center. I d idn't know if you guys could recommend a good system to use or to learn, or if I should make the effort to become a DMP dealer.

Also, I've tried doing research into setting up a call center for the secur ity systems, but haven't really had any luck on finding any information. A ny help to at least get me in the right direction would be much appreciated .

Thank you very much for your time, Travis

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You are thinking way ahead of what needs to be done now. DMP will not accept a new security company to be a dealer. By "call center" I assume you mean Central Station. Just use one already built, there are a ton of regulations to open a new CS, and its very expensive.

Depending on your state, you may be in violation of the law by installing security cameras. In Texas that is a licensed activity, and I have personally gone behind IT techs (I'm one too) to correct their work. This is something you can't just jump into without some experience.

If I were you I would take a job at an alarm company for a year or two before even considering opening your own company. Do installs AND selling. Its not easy to run an alarmco, and your liability will increase exponentially compared to the IT business.

In short, unless you have a lot of money for the startup to surround yourself with experienced people you won't make it on your own. The work itself is not beyond your technical abilities, but installations are only a small part of the overall business.

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