iPhone users have to wait a few microseconds [telecom]

This is from CNET:

Police in San Francisco won't be able to provide sneak peeks of any upcoming Apple iPhone.

Investigators from the San Francisco Police Department had expressed interest in reviewing surveillance video taken in a bar where an Apple employee lost an unreleased iPhone in July.

On the eve of an Apple press conference where the iPhone 5 is expected to make its debut, CNET has learned the surveillance video that may have shed some light about the handset--how it was lost and who possessed it--has been unintentionally erased.

Now, as much as I love to be a free advertising vehicle for Apple, I've got to ask: am I the only one who thinks this is a little /too/ brazen?


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Having worked directly with security vendors and a variety building surveillance types, as well as the people who maintain such things, I don't find it too far fatched at all.

More times than not, I come in to a situation where the video surveillance is ancient analog cameras going to a motion sensor tape VCR recording system. The tapes almost always never get rotated properly, and if they do, they are probably warn out to the point of viewability or are completely unusable.

Even if they do have a working system, having anything going back more than a couple weeks is speculative at best. Being "erased" isn't much different than already written over as the tape was recycled.

Of if it is a digital system, the video has already rolled off the back and the space recycled. Its not very common at all to put multi-terabyte RAID disk systems into video surveillance (although I do). More likely a single 500GB drive for "current" systems.

The building owner put in the video system as a checklist item for their insurance and never typically cared about it again.

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Doug McIntyre

I'm sorry, I wasn't clear: I think the whole "lost iPhone" story is a brazen publicity stunt, and I'm surprised that the mainstream media haven't labelled it as such. This is the *SECOND* time that Apple has fired this cannon.


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