NetworX Panel Failures

That is absurd, I imagine the reason there are few potential clients is because many people don't know the brand even exists. Also that never stopped you from offering every other item under the sun

Fine then become a dealer, I dare you because I know you can't

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Mark Leuck
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I'd rather hunt with Cheney than drive with Teddy "Gin Blossom Nose" Kennedy!

You dickless wonder...

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You haven't a chance either way. To hang around with Cheney you have to be willing to bribe... er, make big donations to his favorite PACs. To go out with Ted Kennedy you'd need an operation... or maybe you wouldn't. :^)

Nice sig line.

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Robert L Bass

You must mean like Harry Reid and his Indian tribe casino PAC's (erm...bribes...)?

Try again idiot!

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