Centralised Wirelss Across several sites?


Wonder if anyone can help me here!

We have 6 sites, all connected together with various leased lines and VPN links.

The IP addressing is like this

Site 1 - Site 2 - Site 3 - etc... All offices can talk IP to one another.

I would like to have a single centralised wireless network system, so I can restrict on Mac address, and update encryption keys in one place. Is this possible?


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Yes. That's what a RADIUS server does. It provides authorization (login/passwd) and authentication services. It also provides a unique, use once, WPA key for each session to both the connected access point and the client. No need for a shared WPA-PSK key. Since it can use an LDAP or SQL server for authentication, you can also use it to distribute server and network rights. See huge list of attributes at:

which should give you a clue as to what can be done. Note that it can setup and break down a VPN tunnel for you. There's no need to restrict by MAC address as the login/password is more effective and unlike a MAC address, cannot be spoofed.

Search Google for details on how to setup a RADIUS server with your unspecified hardware.

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