Re: DHCP snooping across several switches

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Please consider the following setup (use a fixed width font):

CustomerB | Server -Fe0/1- SwitchA -Fe0/2- SwitchB - CustomerA | CustomerC

I enable DHCP snooping on SwitchA and mark port Fe0/1 as trusted. Everything works fine for the customers.

However as soon as I enable DHCP snooping on SwitchB also, SwitchA refuses to forward DHCP requests from CustomerA to Server because:

SwitchA: DHCP_SNOOPING: drop message with non-zero giaddr or option

82 value on untrusted port, message type: DHCPREQUEST

On SwitchA, I tried to mark Fe0/2 also as trusted, but this causes a broadcast storm of DHCPREQUESTs (it seems that SwitchA receives a DHCPREQUEST from CustomerA via Fe0/2 and forwards it back to Fe0/2 because it is a trusted port).

Any ideas how I could protect the whole switched network from rogue DHCP servers? There is only one authorized DHCP server (the Server behind SwitchA).

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Victor Sudakov
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USE same vlan for customer A

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All the customers are in the same vlan.

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Victor Sudakov

And the DHCP server is in this vlan too. Any more ideas?

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