Alarms yes, security lite no way!


This Vandal moved in next door, and started doing what Vandals do.

He threatened to kill my wife and dogs, trashed my truck and so on.

I installed a security light to stop him or make it easier to tape him.

I got charged and am being dragged through he courts now.

If i could do it over, i would have installed an alarm. Don't make the same error i did!

Take care, andy

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Now... if I were in your shoes (having broken the mold of tolerant pacifist that society shapes us into during my tour of duty in Iraq) I would have left a few nasty surprises for said vandal. So much fun can be had with simple toys like the transformers used to electrify fences. I only suggest this mild retaliation because I truly would have staked out a minefield of "toe poppers" in his front yard and let him deal with that. HA!

S. Smith C Co 1/63 AR Vilseck Germany Kirkuk Iraq 03 - 04

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