Need local (germantown MD) Help

We are getting ready to sell our home...

I installed a Vista-40 many many years ago...

As I don't do this for a living, I have forgotten all the stuff you guys (& Gals) take for granted and do every day.

I need someone to come out a give it a "tune up" and "genericize" some of the Zones . (Take the personalization off the zone names)

As I said it is a Vista 40 with:

1 - 5883 Transceiver (90% of the system is wireless) 5 Keypads ( 3-6128's and 2-6139's) 1 5890 Passive infrared for motion in the garage 2- 5800 Wave remote sirens 5 - 5818 transmitters 3 - Slim transmitter (surface mount, forgot #) 1 - 5817 Multipoint for the garage doors 16 - 5806 Smokes

No external siren No dialer (have an external diler, never hooked it up, nor the panel's)

Everything "works" but I am not sure some of the programming is right. I never got the Garage Motion to work as an "interior Follower (?)" All the doors and keypads work along with all the remote sirens.

What I want to do is:

Take out our password and put in several Generic ones for the realtors and the NEW homeowners.

Take out the personal zone names "Bob Smoke" and put in generic ones "Den Smoke"

Take out the stray zones and programming.

Download the current (after being cleaned up) programming and provide a printout

I contacted some of the companies arround here, they are not interested in hourly work, just takeovers, and some don't deal with Ademco... This group hellped me over the years with odd questions and hardware selection, so I thought I would look here, at least most of you seem to know what you are doing, much better than MOST of the alarm companies that have called me back so far....

I could dig out the manuals and remember all the S#$T that I did many years ago, but I would rather pay someone so that I can concentrate on gettting the house sold.

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Bob Sisson
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Manually enable it for remote programming and have someone use Compass on it to clean it up. That would be the easiest way. I'd do it for ya but it'd be a long distance from here. There's a few guys on the ng on the east coast that'd probably do if for you.

Garage motion may not be "following" unless you have the OHDS also contacted and programmed as a Entry/Exit zone.

The rest of the stuff is a piece o'cake with Compass.

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