need help...badly :-)

Hello everybody,

My company's Wan consists of 3 Cisco routers, one 3745 and two 2821 linked through an ATM network.

The 2821s are connected to the network with an IMA interface (two T1s) and the 3745 is connected with an OC3 interface.

the #sh atm pvc command from the 3745 shows this: Interface VCD/name VPI VCI Encap. SC Peak kbs

1/0 0 0 16 ilmi UBR 155000 1/0.1 data 0 100 snap UBR 3000 1/0.2 data-m 0 102 snap UBR 3000

Inside the local network of the 3745 I have three different network segment which I'd like to treat with different QoS. For example I'd like to give 786Kb/s to one segment no matter what is happening in the link, 512Kbs to another segment and the rest of the available bandwidth to the third segment.

All my network experience is at the Ethernet field, no ATM until now. What do I have to learn, what should I read, and what can you tell me to help me out with this case.

Thanks a lot, Andres

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You might want to acquire a copy of the Ciscopress book

"End-to-End QOS Network Design: Qulaity of Service in LANs, WANs, and VPNs"


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I've found it...thanks for the good advice!!!...great reading material...the best literature in the subject I've read so far.

Anyway, if somebody can give me more precise pointers to my particular case so I can shorten the learning time it will be wonderful :-) ( I'm far from lazy but I need an approximate solution as fast as possible)

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