I'm not trolling/spamming -- I really need assistance. Please.


My super-secure dream netbook has following characteristics:

  1. All IDs -- such as the MAC addresses [including that of the wireless adapter] -- are totally dynamic. When the netbook is offed, these IDs disappear without leaving a trace. When the netbook is switched on, new IDs are generated. In addition, this netbook uses the least amount of IDs and timestamps required to operate itself and access the internet.

  1. The only ROM is mask-programmed ROM

  2. The only RAM is a hypothetical form of volatile RAM chips in which all info is completely lost in 100th-of-a-second-or-less after the netbook is turned-off. Even theoretically there is no way to recover this data unless one completely re-powers before 100th-of-a-second after power-off.

  1. The OS is installed on ROM chips

  2. Chips of the hypothetical RAM listed in #3 substitute for the HDD

  1. The radio transmission [used for the wireless internet access] is unidirectional and can beam the radio signal toward the wi-fi access point without transmitting in any other direction. This maximum strength of this transmission is the maximum allowed by law.

  2. The clock skew of my system varies such that clock-skew- fingerprinting would be a totally-useless technique to those trying to identify my computer.

  1. All parts of the netbook -- excluding the radio transmitter, receiver, and antennas -- are tempest-shielded.

  2. There is no malware [e.g. rootkits] installed in any of the ROM chips.

  1. These wireless internet access is enhanced using ADF so that it is easier to locate access points and receive clearer signals from them.

  2. The 802.11 nickname is dynamic so that my level of anonymity increases

Quote from

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"The 802.11 Nickname field is a little-known feature of the wireless spec that sends your hostname to the AP. This is obviously bad."

  1. The radio reception is the most sensitive that is physically- possible for a given size of a receiver, it's antenna, and other relevant devices.

  1. There is absolutely no hint of: A. ActiveX B. Internet Explorer C. Java D. JavaScript E. Audio software/hardware F. Software/hardware for images, graphics, animation, or movies G. Webcam capability H. Flash J. Shockwave I. HTML K. DHTML L. Any type of scripting/scripts M. Any type of mark-up/modeling language.

IOW, this netbook is for word processing only and for telecommunicating -- through text only -- via the internet. The only media in this netbook is text. The word processor is similar to Office XP, except it is word-only.

  1. Automatically latches onto wireless internet access points that are password-free while completely-ignoring the APs that require passwords for access. This is for the sake of convenience and anonymity.

  1. The browser [which is built into a ROM chip] is text-only and designed to allow me to communicate to the rest of the cyberworld via chat rooms that are fully-compatible with the list A to M on #13

  2. The wireless adapter is fully-compatible with all the modulations, standards, channels, protocols, and other specs associated with wireless internet access.

  1. The chat software [which is built into a ROM chip] is fully compatible with everything in #13. In addition, this chat protocol has the following characteristics: A. Does not have any IM/PM capability [when I post my message, I want everyone in the chat room to see it. In addition, I just hate it when other chatters PM/IM me.] B. Is real-time - i.e. I post my message and those in the room can immediately reply to me. C. Transmits/receives small amounts of text rapidly - unlike Usenet which transmits/receives large amounts of text slowly. D. Uses the least amount of bandwidth, memory, and CPU power. E. Does not require that I have an email address F. Does not allow long messages that take up the whole screen. G. Allows me to copy and paste text into the chat room H. Others in the chat room can see the text I post even if it is copied and pasted from somewhere else

What would be the most cost-efficient manner for me to get this netbook? How much would the cost be?

Now you folks might ask why I want this netbook.

The answer can be found in the following thread:

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Also, for even more information, see the following threads:

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Green Xenon

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Sorry, I don't know WHAT you're talking about.

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Meanwhile, at the alt.internet.wireless Job Justification Hearings, GreenXenon chose the tried and tested strategy of:

This might fulfill some of the requirements:

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I think you're on your own when it comes to the hardware.

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THere is an OS that is so small that it fits on a floppy with some space left over - and it is reasonably full-featured; it is a RTOS, Unix-based...Quinx if i have the spelling OK. And i believe it is ROMmable.

You mean "no pattern"? How log does the shift register have to be?

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Robert Baer

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I would really like to help you but my attention span isn't long enough.

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Old Gringo38

Yes, dumbfuck, you really DO need professional assistance with your self imposed mental disorder.

IF you had any real brains, you would focus your efforts on something that has benefits for the world.

Instead you center on yourself.

You are a sel;fish retard, and NO, we are not going to assist you in your retarded endeavors.

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Please do no feed the troll!

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Major potential harm. The worlds supply of intelligent text is limited. We will need to conserve our rapidly diminishing supply of intelligent discourse or the internet will be heading for a catastrophe that makes global warming look trivial. Repeatedly quoting such drivel changes the balance between intelligence and mindless rubbish in favor of the latter. If excessive quoting is repeated sufficiently, we will soon be submerged in a rising tide of rhetorical rubbish, diluting all pretenses as intelligence.

My reader is quite sensible, but is currently on vacation visiting her useless relatives. During her absence, I find myself somewhat out of control, as I not only read such postings, I also write them. Without my sensible reader, it's so difficult to resist reading everything, even quoted text.

Don't do that or we may also deplete the worlds supply of quote marks.

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Jeff Liebermann

Then try restricting yourself to appropriate newsgroups.

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Tim Wescott

Bwahahahaha ha !-) ...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson


GX dreams about non-existing hardware of impossible specifications. Those dreams re-occur regularly.

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Sjouke Burry

If this kid is NOT a troll .......................

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GreenXenon wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@u25g2000pra.googlegr oups.com:

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We can still identify nymshifters.

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

Camel Toe!

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