Reading some of the OLD flame threads- laughing. Times have changed. much of the current posts are informative. lots of good information herein. Keep it up folks ~ JA

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The information was always there, you just had to wade through a lot of BS to find it. I think that It was much more entertaining in the old flame war days though.


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JAKE! I was wondering if you were still around.

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Bob La Londe

SO ...... yer sayin that ..... the bad ol days ..... were the good ol days? ?

After satin's demise .... I thought that eventually this forum would gradua lly fill up with new people that would be .... shall I say .... less umm m aggressive and opinionated and nasty, and malevolent, and diabolic and cr uel and arrogant, and son of a bitchy and .... Well anyway .... I guess that touches on some of the aspects of one former participant.

But, who could have foreseen the advent and popularity of the social media craze where idiots post every minute of their lives, bare their souls, and every part of their body.

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Hello Jake.

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