I So Hate Stupid People

Pro: The Keypad would go best here because you can see it and its convenient to get to.

L'l'ol'lady: No I want it down there below everything.

Pro: ... Are you sure?

L'ol: Yes. Absolutely.


L'ol: The keypad doesn't work were you put it. I need it mounted up where you said to begin with. Can you move it?

Pro: Sigh. Sure. No problem. I'll even patch the holes for you, but you will need to get some touch up paint. I'll save you a section to use as a paint sample when I re-install the keypad.

L'ol: Oh thank you.

Pro: Now about the outdoor siren location. Is this location ok?

L'ol: How big is it?

Pro: Here it is.

L'ol: Oh! Thats fine it should be no problem.


L'ol: Ca you move the siren? I'm concerend somebody might complain about the sight of it hidden behind that decorative column. Ten years ago this freind of mine who had you install an alarm had you put it on the roof.

Pro: ... Fine! Let me get to work.


Pro: All done and tested. Now lets go over the system.

L'ol: I can't today. I'm to upset after your temper tantrum about having to move that siren when you should have known better in the first place.

Pro: Temper tantrum? I never said a word except fine, and let me get to work.

... Back and forth ...

Pro: You know. I scheduled the entire afternoon to be free because you specifically said you needed extra care and attention to make sure you would know how to use your alarm system. I moved things and didn't even ask to collect for the extra work even though you specifically requested or agreed to the locations before they were installed. I think its unreasonable for you to ask me to reschedule again to teach you how to use your alarm. I have work already scheduled for the everyday the rest of the week, but I still told you I would call customers to see who I could reschedule. Then you wanted me to set a time to come back right now without even giving me the chance to see who I can reschedule. I think you are being just a little unreasonable. You asked me to redo something you already agreed ont he way I did it, and now you want me to waste more of my time. Tell you what? The balance of the system is free. Get another alarm company. The system is complete. Its programmed. The dealer code is still at the factory default. John Smith with XYZ Alarm Company is familiar with this type of alarm, and Jane Doe with YXZ Alarm Company has also worked with this brand of panel.

L'ol: You might want to reconsider that. I think you are unreasonable. You are going to have to write those names down for me.

Pro: I do not NEED your money. Giving you for free the $1800 balance of what you owe is hardly unreasonable. Look them up in the phone book. Even an old crone like you should know how to do that.

Aside. I didn't really need this job, and during the sales process I should have realized it was going to be a needy customer. Oh, well. An old lesson applied. When you realize all its fubared, do not take their money, and jsut walk away. Anybody want a monitoring refferal for a complete brand new installation with no known problems. Just program the CS and account number and you are done.

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Bite Me
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that is why you charge old people more.

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That would be age discrimination, and its highly illegal in the USA. Not that it isn't done.

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Bite Me

I should have said that is why you charge pain in the ass people more. people that cause you to expend more time and effort should be charged more. that is not discrimination. that is business. if you had to travel to another city for a job would you not charge more? that is because you have to expend more time and effort and you should be compensated for your time and effort.

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There's a sign next to the register at the shop where I get my bike serviced. It says, "Labor Rates Vary According to Customer Attitude."

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Robert L Bass

I charge more if they wanna help or follow me around. I had one guy with garlic breath (in the morning!) hanging over my shoulder watching me work on the panel...I was passing out holding my breath while he yakked away.

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Crash Gordon

Here's an idea if this should ever happen again and you have to go back the next day ....

For dinner that night, bring in a good supply of Mexican food, including a lot of beans.

Next day you'll find he wont be so anxious to follow you around.

That ought to hold him at bay for the rest of the job.

Of course .... you probably won't get any referrals out of him .... but you WILL have a disSTINKt reputation.

But, come to think of it, this won't work if his sense of smell has been desensitized due to the garlic ... in which case .... you'll have to live with yourself .... or bring some Beano with you as a fallback.

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Mex food would kill me long before I had my revenge.

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Crash Gordon

And the real downside is that they'd most likely set your casket up outside for the "viewing".

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Frank Olson

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