I love client email like this

I've been holding John's hand throughout his building his 3rd house we've done for him. Unfortunately, this builder wouldn't let us do anything because they were locked into Ranger American [see my previous posts over the past 5 months]. On Feb 17 we will be ripping RA's stuff out even before they fire it up and installing our system. Ranger American still will not consult with my client, they have refused to do any upgrades or consultations. My guess is they will try to latch on just after the house closes...too little too freekin late.

Anyway this is a nice job for a good client and I like getting email like this:

You've got a deal, Rob.

I've spent six months in this apartment driving my wife nuts as I research every obscure element pertaining to the new house. This is probably no surprise to you. In that time, I've availed myself of the opportunity to research security system components, etc. There are those that go for the do-it-yourself approach to save a few bucks here or there.

In this case, we want the service. We like being able to call you when we have a question or problem. I'm very pleased with the selections that you've made, insofar as I understand them. The motion sensor choice is but one example. You introduced us to the DMP product 12 years ago. You continue to have our complete confidence.

I assume that the DS835i literature and ratings are accurate, and will handle our small herd of four cats. Still, we'll assign each cat a code for use in the event that it sets off the alarm. [the cats will be a problem, but I carry a years supply of valium in my tool bag]

The terms of the proposal are accepted also with regard to payment. Should you require a deposit to aid in assembling the components, this will cheerfully be provided. I assume that you'd like me to sign the agreement and get it back to you. Can I print it, sign it, and scan and e-mail it back to you that way?

We've been assigned the date of February 16th for the close of escrow, which is a Friday. The next day (Saturday), I plan to acid-etch and epoxy coat the garage floor. We'll do the move-in on Monday or Tuesday, I suppose. However, your installation is probably our uppermost priority. What are your thoughts?

Thanks Rob.


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If all professional installers gave this kind of service there wouldn't be a DIY market.

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Robert L Bass

if all diy parts pushers gave this kind of service

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wouldn't be any diy market

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