HID Prox and Indala Cards

HID makes them to order. If they are original PROX cards just supply the house code, series, and starting number you want to your distributor, and they can order them from HID.

I just got some 26 bit ones through Vern over at SGI a month ago for an old customer.

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Bob La Londe
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Does anyone know where I can get cards with both the HID 26-37 bit and Indala 26 bit wiegand formats?



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Malcolm Walls

are you asking for dual technology card?

cause if its so,I don't think you will find Indala and HID card packaged in the same media.. (both company are direct competitor)

but because both reader doesn't use the same frequency to "power up" the card you can have I card of each company stuck together and they wont interfere when read at either reader type

(I have both keychain version of hid and indala on my truck keys for work and I don't have any trouble at all when I do some test at customer site)

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