Control unit for a proximity reader?


Does anyone know where to get a simple control unit for a proximity reader?

I'm need to build a single door accesscontrol.

I have a simple proximity reader (for tags) that outputs in Wiegand format. I need to find a simple control unit to connect to this reader. A control unit that can work together with this reader and manage a few tag-ids and then output some kind of a signal when a valid tag has been read by the reader (ex. turn on a relay or a doorlock)

Does anyone know where to get such a controlunit?

I dont need a LCD display or anything else - just a unit to communicate with the reader and manage valids tags ids.

I really hope someone can help me?!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards Zenty

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The Elk Magic Module series may do what want. Depending on what you need in the way of managing valid tag ID's, you would have do more or less programming.

ELK-MM443 Magic Module? Programmable Controller,

4 inputs, 4 outputs, X-10®, iButton?, Weigand Proximity


ELK-MA290 Proximity / iButton? Reader Interface

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I bought the promity reader a couple of months ago to add to my existing Magic Module network but have not yet installed it. I bought it from
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It arrived lickety-split, no-fuss no-muss at a good price.

HTH ... Marc Marc_F_Hult

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