Help Paradox Esprit 738+

Hi Folks

Just purchased an older building and it was equiped with an old Paradox Esprit 738+ version 3.10.3 - I don't have a manual for it - but got a hold of a manual for the 728 - close but wiring digram is different. Still tracing wires but so far I have determined thefollowing:

This unit has a battery, > 5 motion sensors, > 2 door senors, (one is programmed to chime bell) > 636 keypad (not sure model) and a bell.

Not sure if it has an auto dialer or not? I would like to reprogram the system and use it again. All senors are appear functional (blink red / green) and cause the corresponding keypad button to light up.

Previous owners do not have any codes for it...and not local rep or distributor for paradox. Being an IT programmer - I was hoping to do it myself with a bit of help and a manual.

Any help would be appreciated. Danny

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