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No, I won't tell you what you should do again, Nomen. I will reiterate though- find out what part # 60-401 is, how to use it, and check out the various devices that are wireless from GE and other manufacturers. By real experience, you'll be able to determine: What manufacturers use a technology that is either rolling code type or similar. Who doesn't use it. GE, although it states ELM Technology; it is NOT rolling codes. Ge DOES use technology that changes the code in many of their wireless devices. Keyfobs from GE and some other Companies are not Supervised! Think about why? They don't need to be- can you drive 100 miles away from your house and not have the panel alert you that the keyfob is out of range? Please don't make comments in a post about an issue by stating you don't know much about it! What's the point? I must admit,I'm an ASA junkie. Every time I swear up and down that I should never return- I DO! It's magnetic! Or more to my thinking- I'm the proverbial fly attracted to shit. I guess that I hold out that amidst the sewage there is someone's gold at the bottom that might just be beneficial. I really get irritated by indivduals that are self-aggrandizing, self-proclaimed experts; and I do confess that at times I do fly-off the handle. My apologies. I guess my expectations from posters are more on the line of -" let's help each other out". No need for ME to sell anything or boost my ego at others expense- and I assume to expect that perhaps people who DO misinform others should not INFORM to begin with. I realize USEGROUPS are a crapshoot- anybody can and will say what they want-Perhaps those of us who HAVE credentials(whether experience or "sheepskins")to back up our advice should "put our money where our mouth's are". We can offer advice, help, and Constructive criticism via debate and postulation, not by bickering. Again, you may or may not realize, Hungarians- aka ATTILA- would just as soon cut your head off and crap down the hole first just to say "I'm sorry" later.LOL Mike Sokoly

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I then proved to you that Ademco wireless does in fact offer rolling codes in its 5881EN wireless receivers. That's a fact, not a personal attack.

I've asked you several times now to explain what ELM technology is, if not rolling codes. It's a sincere question, and I cannot find any better explanation on the web. I've already admitted that I don't know much about GE/ITI wireless. Now, if you want to help out, how about sharing your knowledge with the rest of us poor slobs and answering this simple question: what is ELM technology, if it isn't rolling codes?

Well, duh! It would be pretty stupid to have supervised keyfobs when you know full well that people are going to be taking the keyfobs away from the premises. Who would want a trouble signal telling you that a keyfob is no longer transmitting check-in signals? A low battery signal is useful, but a supervisory signal is not. Supervised wireless is for transmitters that will remain on the premises.

I'm all for that. I openly admit I don't know everything, and I'm all for learning from people who know something I don't. And I can pretty much guarantee you can learn some things from me, too. Let's show each other some mutual respect.

However, that doesn't mean I'm not going to ask pointed questions.

You've said that GE/ITI wireless uses rolling codes for door/window transmitters and motions, but not for keyfobs. I can't find anything on the GE website that indicates that is true. Your statement defies all logic, as far as I can see, and therefore I question its accuracy.

If there is one component in a wireless system that needs rolling codes, it is the keyfobs. Why? Because if the keyfob always transmits the same signal to disarm the system, then at least theoretically, someone can capture that signal, duplicate it, and disarm the system.

On the other hand, what good does it do to have rolling codes for a wireless motion? If the code doesn't roll and the bad guys capture the signal and duplicate it, they will cause an alarm when they retransmit that signal. Theoretically, they could cause false alarms, but they can't defeat the system.

So, as I see it, it would be incredibly stupid of GE/ITI to design door transmitters with rolling codes, but not design keyfobs with that feature. And I have never seen any indication that ITI is stupid.

Now, I'm writing all of this to give you some details on what I don't understand and why, not to attack your credibility. Since you are more familiar with the GE/ITI product line than I am, I'm sure you have sensible, logical explanations for these questions. I'll summarize:

  1. What, exactly, does "ELM technology" mean, if it doesn't refer to rolling codes?

  1. Can you point to any GE/ITI documentation I can read that says their door transmitters use rolling codes?

  2. Can you explain to me why door transmitters and motions would use rolling codes, while their keyfobs do not?

I'm not some DIYer. I've been in this business for over 30 years, and I'll match my credentials against yours anytime. All I would like from you is a reasonable explanation for your statements, and some evidence to support your claims. Fair enough?

- badenov

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Nomen Nescio

..I've been in this business for over 30 years, and I'll

and so ends the thread

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I stand by the Statment that Ademco Technology is behind the times. Others here will no doubt say the same.

And again, if you new about the RF Sniffe, you would have already tried it on a few manufacturers devices to see if what I said is true.

I am not employed by GE but I DO KNOW thru experimentation and trying it myself, that the GE FOBS do not roll codes. I don't have any info other than their site about ELM.

Guarantee it? some mutual respect moron.

Thry it yourself- get a device that can read and let you know what the "code rounds" sound like!

I guess accordind to your criteria, GE IS incredibly Stupid.

Don't Know- Don't work for them

Teach yourself- don't have to look in a book


I'll pit MY 37 against your 30 FAIR ENOUGH?????

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Mike Sokoly

Getting "others here" to say something is no proof of anything other than personal bias.

Heh, heh, heh. :^)

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