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I am considering signing up for the security pro program. Does anyone know if it is effective? I would get set up to buy direct from GE. Anyone here have experience with this program?


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J Barnes
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As alarm manufacturers go, GE is a decent outfit. I've done business with them for many years. They're responsive to dealer needs, honest about warranty issues and such. Telephone sales support is sometimes lacking but not as bad as some of the large distributors we buy from.

On the down side, GE does seem to make an inordinate number of mistakes in order processing. You'll need to keep other sources available for times when GE runs out of things. Also, many of their products can be purchased for less money from a distributor than directly from GE.

The real question you need to answer for yourself is do you want to be tied to a single manufacturer? There are advantages and disadvantages to these relationships. You'll certainly get some leads from them but not enough to eliminate your own advertising program. Fail to make enough sales and some competing SP dealer may start to see some of your leads.

While the GE name is obviously well-recognized, it is not a well-known maker of alarm systems. Even though GE owns some of the most popular brands of alarms, prospective customers are more likely to recognize Ademco or (ugh) DSC than GE.

Best of luck whatever you decide to do.

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