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I am getting ready to pull an 220V/80A branch circuit to my new inside heat pump. I am upgrading my 100A service to 200A locating the new meter right next to the old one; and putting a new 200A load center, then two branches; one to the existing 100A breaker box and another branch circuit off the new 200A load center to the heat pump.

THE QUESTION IS: I was advised to run a solid copper ground to my hot water heater, but my water heater connects to everything with plastic pipe. I don't see the point of running the wire to it.

I will be grounding the new meter; new load center, and existing load centers to two existing ground electrodes right near the existing meter. Since I already bought the 50' of #4 solid for the water heater ground; I'll use that wire for this purpose comments?

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Kadaitcha Man

Are you sure? cold water pipe and a driven ground rod. Is required under section 250 of the NEC National Electrical Code. your four wire cable going to your heat pump has a ground in it for the job.

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i guess I omitted that the water heater is existing, and electric. it has its own fused disconnect adjacent to it, and the branch circuit wired to it had a ground to the load center. The well pump is similarly wired with a cutoff and a ground. I think my friend (a master electrician) who advised me to run a ground to the water heater was thinking I could get a clamp onto a cold water pipe going into the water heater, but there is no metal pipe in my system except small spans between the well tank and the filter, then a piece for the cutoff valve. Nothing going to ground; and as I am trying to say; it is not city water; it an underground pump which connects to the house with non-metallic 'hose'. It's a small old house in a rural area in the South. I bet it had cast iron pipes originally, and they had to replace it as it constricted. And they used the cheapest materials they could.

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