Choosing a HOT WATER RECIRCULATOR for QUICK HOT WATER DELIVERY or for HOT WATER ON D'MAND is now a whole lot easier.

Posting the findings / results of extensive research done throughout the internet. I'm sure that this will be of some use to those interest.

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Here we go again!

Since I never received a reply to my query the last time this cheesy device was hawked on the newsgroup, perhaps the answer will now be forthcoming.

Once again... I really would like to know how long it took the 10 year old girl to install a dedicated branch circuit with a GFCI receptacle underneath the sink? More than 10 minutes?

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Banister Stairwell

And disconnect the plumbing lines (of course they have to be the quick disconnect kind) or your still in for plumbing work. The motor is smaller than the chillypepper but delivers the water quicker? How did he bend the laws of physics on that one? Just curious is all,

1/40=.025 hp 1/3= .33hp yet it out does the chillypepper by more than triple woohoo! Gotta send my chilipepper to the dumpster and order one of these for 50% more $$, NOT..
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A review of the website shows the movie of the installation. The installation couldn't be easier. The power and efficiency differences between the chilipepper and the RedyTemp is a matter of engineering and components used.

The Chilipepper is a On-Demand / Push Button. The RedyTemp does not require a push button activation, but it can be configured to operate as one if the owner desires that type of system.

I'm sure the serious readers of this message can see that the resp>

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What's a "fictitious opinion?"

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HA HA Budys Here

Who's this SQLit character? First he responds with the below message where he stated that "IT WORKED FINE FOR A FEW YEARS" but then he states that due to the cheap timer which wouldn't keep time, this is amazing...."HE OPENED UP THE UNIT AND PUT IN (soldered) A TIMER RELAY" because of a timer that wouldn't keep time?


Does this guy Mr. SQLit actually expect the dealer to help him out AFTER HE HAD MODIFIED THE CIRCUITRY BY SOLDERING IN A TIMER RELAY? Is this guy for real???

Maybe SQLit stands for SHOULD QUESTION LEGITIMACY OF HIS POSTINGS...or maybe it stands for SHOULD QUIT LYING ============================================== SQLit Posts: n/a

Re: Hot water recirculator

I purchased something called ~Rediheat at a home show. Mine was cause the SO was nagging all of the time that it took so long to get hot water in her bathroom. It was connected to the hot and cold water lines under the sink. When called for it "pumped" the hotwater into the cold water pipe until the line got hot. It was in a fancy box with an el cheapo time clock on it that would never hold time more than a day or two. I opened up and put a timer relay on it and use a push button to turn it on. I thought it worked fine but the SO was back into bitching mode again. ( I finally asked her to move out ) It worked fine for a few years and then the pump crapped out. Water is pretty aggressive where I live. ===================================================================== #4 06-16-2005, 08:45 PM

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Re: Choosing a HOT WATER RECIRCULATOR for QUICK HOT WATER DELIVERY or for HOT WATER ON D'MAND just got a whole lot easier.

I had one of these in my last house. Worked flawlessly for about 18 months then it crapped. The dealer was less than helpful.

My opinion it is not worth the money that it costs. Try the box stores or just get a pump from your local industrial supply store and do the undersink connections yourself.

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