Ok... I finally got the low down on the DV-IP directly from the horse's ... mouth.

You have to take a free certification course on-line, and then you have to fly to one of their centers for some hands on training.

???? Why ???? They guy I spoke with at DM said the same thing I got from reading the on-line specs. Its basically the same as a DS2 except cheaper, and doesn't have any local outputs.

I can buy and setup the DS2 without having to waste the profits for my next couple sales on a trip out of town. Oh, well. His comment was that a lot of dealers had no idea how to put one on a network. LOL. Since every one of my DVRs is on a network, and most of them are setup for VPN or port forwarding or both, and my education is in CIS I can still jump through the hoops just like everybody else.

HEY PELCO REP? You got something in the price and feature category of the DM DV-IP? Atleast Pelco will pay for your travel and lodging to train you on their stuff. (Atleast they used to.)

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thats something that will help you choose another equivalent product line from somebody else,me i would not like spending a few 100 bucks to learn something i allready know

i was playing today with the as60 from panasonic to prepare a demo for some customer and i got the training and installed about 3 of there new totally ip dvr(camera and dvr)and i was pretty impress with there mpeg-4 live camera viewing...

last time I was there for there advance training on the 9760 matrix it was still like that (3 years ago..) where did you go? the new York or California centre?

me I got to the new York training centre..drove from Montreal...6.5 hours...but damn I would have loved to fly to California...

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