Digital Sprite 2 (?)

Interested in comments any experienced folks here might have with the Digital Sprite 2 DVR.

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Nick Markowitz Jr.

DM is a high end box (price wise) with features that were hot about 5 to 10 years ago. It uses its own OS; there is good and bad to that. It only accepts analog cameras. The weak link is the hard drive. You can't swap it and restore the OS yourself. It is a hybrid of a mux and a DVR and it is a perfect picture of technology from the past. It generally operates as promised and (other than the hard drive that is GUARANTIED to fail) most folks regard it a very reliable product. If you have a very stupid customer (or security guard) that has a phobia about computer based DVRs it might be a perfect fit. However most security guards can master the Bosch DiBos full remote software, Loronix (Verint) software, Vidos, etc. without issues these days. You can never truly upgrade the DM unit's features, it won't take mega pixel cameras, IP cameras and such. It won't do any analytics other than simple motion, it won't really do searchable meta data transactions like POS integration etc. It doesn't have sophisticated health monitoring like MOM. It doesn't fully integrate with any access control systems. You really have to have a customer with unusual needs and/or limited abilities or interests to recommend or sell this product knowing what is out there from other vendors today. I really would not understand why someone with normal needs would pay the required premium for such a dinosaur product.

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Just Looking

What nfo are you looking for...I have installed at least a hundred of these and other models and know it well??

Mav 1.0

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