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Does anyone on here in the Victoria, or Vancouver, BC, Canada area use Digital Voice as their voip provider? Any comments on the service both customer related and product related. If you want post your # and if I sign up I will get you a free month. thanks in advance.

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Derek Clarke
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I have been with digital voice for over a week now. Still waiting for them to "get it right".

I have called, and called, and called, and e-mailed and called.........

They gave me a PAP2 adapter, and I was supposed to have a 604 and a

416 number. Al kinds of problems! First 604 worked, and not 416! Then 416 was ok, but only to call OUT, but not in! Then 416 worked OK, but they screwed up the 604 number!

I re-plumbed my network for them and connected the PAP2 directly to my SHAW modem - problems were identical!

I put it behind my router and placed it in the "DMZ", and gave them the IP address. They said they "fixed" it remotely - NOT!!!!

Calling technical support after 5:00 PM is a JOKE! You get put into a queue and it lets you park there for 15 min, then forces you to leave a message! But they don't check messages until the next day because the guy that is there after 5 does not know how to do anything except tell you to power cylce the box and cable modem!

It takes them a LONG time to respond to e-mails, and they DO NOT check them until the afternoon of the next day!

This has been such a bloody hassle, that I am almost prepared to dump them!

I am going in in person in a couple fo days, and they are giving me a LinkSys VOIP router that I have asked them to pre-test before final commisioning.

This is their LAST CHANCE. If this does not work - and I mean PERFECTLY - then they are GONE. Telus NEVER fucked up like this - thank GOD I did not cancel my "land line" service!

Then again, Telus has been at it for over 100 years??? ;)

I think Digital Voice will be able to get this working. I have heard nothing but good about them from statisfied customers. So I guess I fall into the category of "shit happens".

We shall see... And I will keep you all updated.

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Well it looks like the problems are finally solved. I took back the piece of junk PAP2 adapter, and got the RT31P2 (?). It is the Linksys router with the 2 phone ports.

I will admit that the sound quality is not quite as good as the PAP2 (when the damn thing was working), but the phone lines are all operating just fine now.

So it looks like the final service transfer away from Telus will be happening in the next month or so.


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i am in southern ontario and can say after trying to use this digital voice phone system for over a month .....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

i cannot count the amount of time i have been cut off in the middle of calls. I cannot count the amount of times i tried to make a call and get dead air for 30 seconds ending with the fast terminated beepbeep. I cannot count the amount of times i have had some french dood from montreal has picked up the phone when i call a number in london, ontario.

but hey...its cheap...and you get what you get when you trade peanuts.

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