D5100 & D2071A

Hey all,

So I am in need of a DATC for a 20+ year old FireLite Panel. I happened to remember that I had a old used D2071A laying on a shelf collecting a lot of dust. So I removed said dust and dug out the old D5100 bar code programmer that had even more dust. I ??thought?? it had the ability to program the D2701A communicator.

Stuffed in a new battery and could not figure out how to set up the programming. I could get the 8112 to come up but that was all.

The online cut sheet for the D2701A says that it is programmed by the D5100 and D5200.

So I thought before I dig a deep hole and bury this stuff for some archeologist to ponder over in another 100 years I would ask if any collective gray matter here new how to make this work.

Actually I would guess that some archeologist might ponder today about the strange stripped bars on the front surface. :-)

So............................ Wadda yaw think??? Bury the sucker or does it have hope??



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