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Hello all,

A friend of mine (another dealer) was having a problem today with a Bosch panel FPD7024. When he connect to the phone lines and tried to communicate a automated voice would come on the line saying

"You must dial a 1 before the area code to complete this call".

So he checked and the 1 was there before the 888. It was dialing pulse so he changed to touch tone same thing. These are new dedicated phone lines just for the fire panels in a apartment building. He tried both lines and the same thing.

He then programmed in a 3 second delay after the 1 and before the 888 no change.

I told him to try and use one of my receivers on a 800 number and the same thing. He then tried a tenant's number and it worked as it should.

He then tried to dial the 888 with his butt set and it worked ok.

While running out of solutions I suggested he program a 11888 into the panel.

He did this and signals went thru without any problem.

Anyone ever experience this before and what would be the cause??

Does anyone know if the planets and stars are aligned with bad mojo or something??

Weird day.



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Try a 3 second pause before the 1888...

Make sure the prefix field has no funky characters in it.

If it still doesn't work, give me a call and I can remote access the panel to see whats up.

Jim Rojas (813) 884-6335

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Jim Rojas


He said that while listening in on the line it would go off hook had dial tone for a few seconds then it would dial. It was just not either sending the one(1) or the one(1) was not being heard.

At this point it is working. He(my friend) is on vacation for a week. I will pass on your input and phone number.


Have a good weekend.


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If your friend has voice mail, The dial tone makes a special sound that may be blocking the 1 from being heard. This is why I suggested waiting

3 seconds before the 1.

Jim Rojas

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Jim Rojas

we have some DSL customers we have to add a six second delay after off-hook to dial. it seems the local at&t switch needs that much time to setup the voice reader for the line.. It's easy to spot, there's a series of beeps after off-hook..


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I understand what you are saying but that is doubtful. This is for three apartment buildings. Two have these Bosch panels installed and the third has a GE Fireworx installed. The lines were just activated on Thursday and he went on Friday to connect and set up the dialers. As he told me the panel had a initial delay of a few seconds and then he added the additional delay after the 1 and before the 888. When he listened in he said he heard about 6-7 seconds of dial tone before it started to dial. Once he put in the 11888 it worked just fine.

Before he did all of this it communicated just fine on a residents line with out the extra delay and with out the 11888. After he got the first panel to work on the new lines with the 11888 he went to the second and had to do the same thing to get it to communicate. The third panel was the GE Fireworx and it worked just fine first time on 1888 and no delay entered.

As you say Voicemail could cause this to happen but all 6 lines were activated at the same time and 4 of the 6 (with the Bosch) worked this way. Really weird to say the least. It is as if the first 1 is either not be sent or not being heard. Very difficult to determine.

Once he gets back from his week in the sun and fun I am sure there will be some time spent doing some more diagnostics. Until then it is all speculation.

Thanks for the input.


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