BNC Cameras, What can I do with them?

I have 4 mini, BNC cameras that I received from work, after we upgraded the security system. These camers have BNC connections. If I buy BNC to RCA adapters, can I have them ran to my televison set? I am not sure how BNC cams work. It looks as though it is simple coax cable. Do the cameras not need a power source? Any suggestions and pointers are appreciated.

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If your television has a video in terminal (usually a RCA jack with a yellow centre) then you should be able to hook the cameras up with a BNC to RCA adapter and standard RCA cables. This won't work if the cameras derive power through the BNC connnector, however. For those types of units, you'll need the manufacturer's monitor at the "head end".

What make of camera are they? Are there screw type connections on a small terminal block at the back of the units? If there are, is an input voltage indicated?

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Frank Olson

You can connect them (one at a time) to any TV that has a line level (yellow RCA) jack. Just buy a BNC to RCA adaptor. You may be able to get the adaptor at RatShak. If you want to view all cameras from a single TV you'll need either a switcher (cheap) or a multiplexor (not cheap).

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