how can i do this kind of redirection with pix?


i have a pix 515, three of interfaces are:outside,dmz, inside from interface dmz,i can get to, with an fixed source ip :

now,i want a computer from outside to get to,how can i do this?

i have tryed outside nat,but it does not work as expected.

can someone give me some advice?


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i have got an idea,and made it work,but it brought another problem...

with outside nat and static,like this:

access-list nat_outside_dmz permit tcp any host eq 8000 nat(outside) 15 access-list nat_outside_dmz outside global(dmz) 15

static (dmz,outside) tcp 8000 8000

it works like what i think:

when request to come from interface outside,it will be changed like request from,and send through interface dmz.

this idea works,but normal statics does not work!!

can someone give me help? thanks

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