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I have a car with an aftermarket car alarm. It was probably installed when the car was new (in 1987 or shortly thereafter). I am the second owner of the car. The previous owner no longer has the alarm system owner's manual.

The alarm had been working fine until a prolonged period of having the battery disconnected. Now, I'm trying to identify the alarm system in hope of finding a website somewhere describing how to reset it.

I have googled at length for every combination of markings I was able to find on the unit. Can someone point me in the right direction.

The markings...

The big unit (~5"x4"x1") (which I presume is the brain box of the alarm) is marked on a metallic sticker as follows...

CAS500 Custom Automotive Security for New Car Dealers

attached to a smaller cigarette-pack-sized unit with a square sticker that is layed out like this...

------------------ | 005 SACHS | | 102 176 | | 911 | | 618.113.00 | ------------------

There is another small unit marked - also on a metallic sticker - "CS405". This unit has a sensitivity knob, so I assume it is either the remote receiver or a "someone is shaking the vehicle" sensor.

This is all installed under the dash on the driver's side.

The system operates through a keychain remote with two buttons labeled "1" and "2" - one armed/disarmed (with locking & unlocking the doors), the other unlocked the the hatch.

I was able to get it to panic a couple of times, and get it to lock me in the car a couple of times while trying to reset it with random combinations of actions like "turn key on and off three times, open the driver's door twice, and step on the brakes", etc.

I'd just like to reset the alarm system so I can use the keyless entry again.

Anyone heard of this alarm system?


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