amag 3500 multimax crash


We have an antiquated amag 3500 which has stopped allowing us to log into it. The manufacturer no longer supports the software. Since we are moving in a few months, I really don't want to spend money on this replacing this system.

The system no longer lets me log into it.

When I try to log into the program, I get an error message titled "ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM" with no content except an OK button.

Once this happens, when I try to reboot the device, I get an "multimax" error message.

I ran a virus scan and a few tx databases are corrupt (no virus found), but not the multimax.mdb. I file transferred the multimax file to my workstation, but I cannot compact it because I "do not have the security priviledges" according to windows.

Does anyone know how I can fix my problem?

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Justin Michael
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Are you sure it's an AMAG 3500? or a 350?

-Multinode-II panels or microNodes?

Sounds like the multimax.exe may be pooched... Do you still have the install CD's?

If Windows ever tells you that you don't have security privileges to do something, you aren't logged on under the Administrator account. ...OR the database file itself has security enabled and you aren't giving the correct password (.mdb files won't prompt you for it; you have it set up already in Access)... Good luck getting that password from AMAG... On the other hand, there may be a file you can search for that will crack the password for you... I have a file to do that, but it only works on Word and Excel files, not Access.

Not trying to be snotty, but this is exactly what happens when security is pushed to the rear and not constantly updated.

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