Upgrading Nortel Passport 8600 from Release to 4.1.1

The Release notes for Release 4.1.1 state:-

"Loading a Release 4.1.1 configuration file on a 3.0.x, 3.1.x, 3.2.x or

3.3.x run-time image generates errors and causes the image to stop loading the configuration file. The system now loads with a default configuration.

Release 4.1.x supports the ability to migrate from configuration files created with any software release from 3.5.x and above."

However the Release 3.5 Release notes state:-

"For information on how to upgrade your switch to Passport 8000 Series Switch Software Release 3.5 or WebOS version, see Upgrading to the

8000 Series Switch Software Release 3.5 (part number 316674-A)."

Unfortunately I am unable to locate the document referenced '316674-A' can anyone help either with this document, or any other pertinent advise or observations that may assist me in my endeavour

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what i did is reboot and the make the command :

source config.cfg

and it will load the configuration with errors. then save the configuratoin.


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You might have many problems after you upgrade to 4.1.1

  1. The hardware issue. Software 4.1.1 requires 8692SF module as the fabric of Passport 8600 and you probably only have 8690SF on your Passport. 2. The software issue. As your mention, you got errors while the Passport was booting. This is usual because you upgrade from 3.1.5 which is not recommended by Nortel. You might use "source" command to solve it but you will get more issues due to the difference command formats on 4.1 and 3.1.

Jas wrote:

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