XMWK button and the MWI

I made some changes to a few dozen phonesets on campus last week. I added an XMWK button as well as the class of service LMPX. The problem I've run into is that on some phones (just a half dozen or so) have an issue where the MWI won't shut off, even when all messages are cleared from the mailbox. Is there something I'm missing, maybe a CLS I've overlooked? It's very odd that it would be happening on only some phones. They are all either 2216's or 2616's, all on different line cards. Other phones of the same type and on the same line card work fine with this setup.

Interested to hear if anyone has insights into this problem, Mike

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Michael Andrews
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Check if there are any other mailboxes pointed at these extns.


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Given that you mentioned 2216's, the ones you are having problems with are ACD sets... Right?

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It seems like my brother recently ran into this problem. I think the solution was replacing Series 1 sets with Series 2 sets. I'll get more details, but check to see if the sets that are failing are all Series

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Hi Peter,

This was actually one of the first things I checked and it wasn't the case. No other box's MWI indicators pointing there, nor were there any other boxes being observed by the phones in question.

~ Mike

PeterG wrote:

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Michael Andrews


Yes, they are all ACD sets. We're moving to a company-wide setup of using MCR keys vs. SCR keys since we're almost out of DID's in our exchange. Also, I needed to clear out our 1xxx range (which was in use by these particular ACD sets as the Symposium postion ID) because I needed to set up a CDP between here and our remote offices. Even though I know now that I don't *really* need to clear out the whole number range to set up a CDP, I thought it would be good practice to do it anyways, just in case.

To get around the problem of the MWI not working on MCR'd ACD sets here are the changes I made:

KEY 00 ACD (changed from 1xxx to 8xxx) KEY 01 MCR (changed from SCR 4xxx to MCR 4xxx) KEY 02 MCR (changed from SCR 8xxx to MCR 4xxx) CLS LMPX (added) AOM 1 (changed from 0) KEY 37 XMWK (added to the "Add-On Module" which doesn't really exist. I didn't have any other keys left in the normal pad, nor did I want two MWK's blinking at the user. I did this for uniformity with some of the 3904 & 3905 sets we have that don't let you change the MWK on KEY 16 to an XMWK (unlike the 2216 & 2616 sets).

For the rest of the phones, this seems to work fine... only for a half dozen of them is it a problem.

~ Mike

Bob wrote:

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Michael Andrews

Hi Ron,

Here's what I came up with after running IDU on the misbehaving sets (one didn't return any IDU data... go figure):

Unworking 2616: NT CODE: NT9K18AC COLOR CODE: 03 RLS CODE: 03 SER NUM: 938210

Unworking 2616: NT CODE: NT9K16AC COLOR CODE: 03 RLS CODE: 03 SER NUM: 8E7E64

Unworking 2216: NT CODE: NT2K18WE COLOR CODE: 03 RLS CODE: 01 SER NUM: C32C03

Unworking 2216: NT CODE: NT2K16XE COLOR CODE: 03 RLS CODE: 01 SER NUM: 6FB285

Unworking 2216: NT CODE: NT2K16GH COLOR CODE: 35 RLS CODE: 01 SER NUM: 49940E

Working 2216: NT CODE: NT2K18GH COLOR CODE: 03 RLS CODE: 02 SER NUM: 52EC7E

Working 2616: NT CODE: NT2K16GH COLOR CODE: 03 RLS CODE: 05 SER NUM: 587BBD

It seems that you're probably correct. I buy refurbs so who knows what releases they *really* are. I'll swap out the phones and see if it makes a difference. In the meantime, I've just reverted all the changes on these sets.

Thanks for the help everyone! Mike

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