Startalk 180 wiring connection

Hi all.

I have a Startalk 180 and a Norstar Compact.

The Norstar Compact is currently in Service with 4 lines and 8 extensions.

I wish to add the Startalk 180 (fitted with the 4 channel expansion module).

The Nortel Extensions are connected to a Distribtion box, and as such all extensions are "kroned" into the krone block with in the distribution box.

The Startalk 180 has come with RJ45/RJ11 (the smaller of the 2, i can never remember which is which sorry) terminated cables to connect it to the Norstar.

It seems i need to Cut one end of the RJ45/11 cables off and Krone them into

2 free extension ports on the krone block within the Distribution box.

Can anyone advise which pair of wires i should use? as the Startalk cables have 4 wires. I assume only 2 are used as per normal extension phone like a m7310.

should i be looking at wiring 2 RJ45/11 sockets into the distribution box instead of "Krone" ing directly in?, again i should be grateful for the pinout required if possible.

thanks in anticipation folks.

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use the red green pair or the center 2 pins on the RJ 11 that you plug into the startalk and punch them down to a valid station port on the 66 block. keep in mind the CICS may have restricted software and only allow 8 digital station ports. also there may be a compatibility issue. if you can give me the SW version of the ST and the CICS I can tell you if they will play nice.

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system specialist

------------------------------------- Hi there,

Wondering if you can help,

i have a meridian compact system, i have 3 lines and at the moment 14 extensions, i bought a star talk 180 from ebay, and am currently trying to figure out if i can use it.

there is a serial port o my star talk, does this need to be connected to the ccu what is it for?? also i take it that the rj45 ports on the side marked 2 & 4 are the number of extensions going into the star talk, is this true, is it as simple as connecting the 2 port socket to 2 empty extensions on my ccu?

Your help would be greatly appreciated

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The serial port is used for diagnostics and reports. No need to connect anything to it. Only one digital station is used per port. Each station is 2 channels (B1 & B2) which is why the jacks are labeled 2 and 4.

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